Since I’m in a Posting Mood, Let’s Talk Twilight and Confessions

This is probably going to be embarrassing post that I’ll regret later, but here goes:

So, Twilight was super popular in 2008. Like in every school you went practically every girl had one of the four books. Yeah, like that popular. And ya know what? I was one of those girls.

Everyone had told me how good the books were and the movie was coming out soon. So, I said, why not? It can’t really hurt to read them. Plus, I’ll know what everyone else is freaking out about. And that was that. I whipped through them pretty quick. I even finished eclipse in a day. Since I had no life.

Then, I was obsessed. Absolutely, positively OBSESSED. and by the way, I was team Edward. Still am. Everyday I checked fansites to hear the latest news about the actors and the movies coming out. I partly (and this is so embarrassing) yearned to be a vampire. And since I read the books in November all the way until around spring break, I hadn’t read anything else. At all. Other than school hooks and stuff, but that doesn’t count. I constantly read and reread those four books.

Then, during spring break I happened to pick up the first book in the Luxe series. I was still obsessed with twilight, but I began to expand my reading and distance myself from the world of sparkling vampires.

Finally, once the second twilight movie came out, i was pretty much over the whole thing. I’d stopped rereading he story, found Sarah Dessen, and moved on with my life. Slowly I turned into a semi-twi-hater. Yeah, the writing totally sucks. Yeah, the characters are quite underdeveloped. And yeah, the acting in the movies suck. The only worthy actor being Taylor Lautner. He almost convinced me of switching to team Jacob, but I decided I was still team Edward, but def team Taylor<3.

Honestly, looking back, three years later, I can totally see the draw the books had for me. In this totally lax world we live in, here’s this fantasy creature who is quite chivalrous. He respects Bella and loves her quite deeply. Though I’m not sure why on earth he’d even begin to have an interest in Bella. tue idea of eternal love is also pretty appealing.

But I’m over it. Never to pick up another one of those books again. Except maybe to deposit into the trash. Or rather the recycle. Or even better a used bookstore. And yeah, I’ll probably, eventually watch the breaking dawn movie. When it comes out on DVD.

I’ve just found books that are so much better. I’ve found my love of romantic realistic fiction in the young adult section. Sorry to bring up Sarah Dessen again, but it’s hard to believe that at one point I had never discovered Sarah Dessen.

Hope you enjoyed my semi-embarrassing tale. And twi-hards, chill, this is just MY opinion. You don’t have to agree.


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