Crime Shows

I wanted to just do a short blog on my love for crime shows. They’re just sooo entertaining.

Lie To Me was so good for the first few seasons. With the last season, it sort of fell off the bandwagon, ultimately getting he show cancelled.

Since I don’t feel like searching for a good synopsis, I’m going to make one up right now. the show’s main character is Cal Lightman. He studies people’s universal micro-expressions, the small, quick movements in people’s faces. He and his team work with police and such to solve crimes. Such a good show! Check it out on Netflix or something! By the way, Lightman is played by Tim Roth.

Then, there’s The Mentalist. It’s sort of similar to Lie To Me. Patrick Jane, the main character is played by Simon Baker. Jane is basically an EXTREMELY observant person who helps the California Bureau of Investigation out. And he’s a bit mischievous. This is quite a good show, too.

Lastly, there’s Castle. Richard Castle. This is my newest acquired show. Castle is a writer and his creative mind helps to solve the crimes with other actual police. I really like this show because it is very creative with each episode. The story lines are not your average story lines.

So, if you like crime shows, check these out. I also enjoy NCIS, but I don’t watch it very consistently.


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