Just Reread The Summer Series by Jenny Han


This is literally one of my FAVORITE love stories ever. But it’s so much more. If you’re on this site you probably like chicklit or romance YA. But this isn’t typical romance YA. There’s depth and realness to the series.

It starts with the book The Summer I Turned Pretty, then It’s Not Summer Without You, and ends with We’ll Always Have Summer. I laughed, I cried, I fell in and out of love. The characters are so realistic. They are not perfect; they are HUMAN. Their problems are real and easy to relate to.

A quick summary: Belly (short for Isabel) is the main character. Belly, her older brother, her mom, her mom’s bestfriend, and her two sons all go to the beach at Cousin’s Beach every summer. There’s a love triangle between Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly. But really, it’s not just a love triangle. It’s about life and growing up and tragedy.


I previously did a review of these books about a year ago. I couldn’t put them down the first time and I couldn’t put them down the second time around. They are worth every penny and then some. They’re just so incredible, and I can’t stop gushing about them.

So, the big question: Conrad of Jeremiah??

Well, the first two books definitely Jeremiah and in some (very short) instances Conrad. Jeremiah was sweet, and caring, and had always been there for Belly. He was funny and kept everything light and carefree. Han definitely made Jere look better in the first two books and showed his bad side in the last book. The opposite with Conrad.

For the first two books, I couldn’t really see how Belly had fallen so hard for Conrad. What was so special about him? But by the third book (especially with his point of view) I fell just as much in love with him as Belly had. His sweet romantic gestures. the reasons he was such an ass in the first two books, and how deeply he had cared about Belly along…SA-WOON (if you don’t get this reference you must go read The Truth About Forever, too :)).

Belly was totally meant to be with Conrad all along anyway. She couldn’t totally give her heart to Jere. And at least Jere found someone in the end too. The last chapter was A-MAZING!! Belly had the chance to have adventures in Spain away from the Fisher boys (although Conrad sent sweet handwritten letters every month <3). She got to live a little and THEN marry her true Prince Charming!!

Other things I MUST mention:

Could I possibly love Susannah anymore? So knowing, kind, loving, wonderful!! And those sweet notes for their wedding days. So inspiring and I just love Susannah so much. I can’t believe she died!!:(((( But, it does give the story so much more depth.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer at Cousin’s Beach. This book just brings you right to summer. Right to the beach. Right to heaven, basically. The beach is where the heart is.

THE PERFECT WEDDING SONG, anyone?? Stay by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. SOO GOOD. I can totally imagine Belly and Conrad having their first dance with this song. Here’s a link because you must check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1Z_hskvz1M Then check out the comments (so many of them about The Summer Series).

If I haven’t convinced you by now to go pick up these books, then I’m not sure what will…they’re perfect.


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