Like Crazy

This was an absolutely fantastic movie. It was a slice of real life.

A British college student falls for an American student, only to be separated from him when she’s banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa.

Felicity Jones, who plays the lead Anna, was fabulous. And oh so adorable. The acting was quite excellent. Each actor portrayed the nuances of human emotion to a T. You could feel each of their emotions. I didn’t like the guy that much though…he didn’t seem to have as much emotion, but that may have been the character.

I loved how this movie was more about the visuals than the dialogue. The dialogue was actually very minimal which allowed the actions to speak. The movie really proves that actions do speak louder than words.

The filming was also amazing!! Certain scenes were shot from unique places that helped to tell the story. Some examples, but it’s quite hard to do them justice with purely words:

-At one point, the couple is separated for six months. They are shown saying goodbye at the airport/train station and once he’s gone up the elevator, Anna stands there still. To display time passing, Anna stays in the same place as people all around her move in and out of the building. When Anna starts moving again, she is in a different jacket and greeting Jacob after six months.

-Another example is also time passing. They spend a summer together and it is displayed with an aerial shot of their bed with them lying in bed with different clothes on to show the time passage.

There are just countless examples of awesome cinematography. It’s a beautiful, beautiful movie.

Also, the music helps to tell the story and set the mood. I can’t stop praising it!!!!!!!

Definitely one of my new favorite movies.

Anna’s clothes were absolutely adorable, by the way. Her cute little top bun. Her stylish clothes. But all so real. It didn’t look like the work of costume designer.

It’s such a real movie. You can see how it could be real life. Nothing too fancy. Their apartments are just normal homes. They reuse clothing. It’s reality. It’s life. And I loved it. It didn’t idealize life or love. (Sorry if I’ve repeated myself a billion times in this…)

I forgot to mention the ending. Duh. It was pretty disappointing when I first realized it was the end. It was the feeling of, oh…that’s it…? But then I realized I really love the ending. It’s as if the movie of there hit record at the beginning of the movie and just stopped recording at the end. Just a snippet of their life called a movie. It made it all seem more real.


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