Divergent by…?

So…I tried reading Divergent (and I’m sorry I’m too lazy to look to see who it’s by). This isn’t going to look like my normal book blog either. It’s late.

Divergent is basically a future society/dystopian type book. This girl named Beatrice (turned Tris) is the main character and the book is from her point of view. Basically our world of today fell apart and these different groups blame the fall of our world on different things. There are the Dauntless who blame cowardice. So they are brave. There are the Candor who blame dishonesty. So they are very honest. There are the abnegation who blame selfishness, so they are selfless. There are the erudite and maybe another group too. But these groups have kind of become corrupt and have gone to the extreme. For example, the Dauntless go to extremes by doing very risky things.

The book starts off where Beatrice has just turned sixteen. At this age, people take an aptitude test to see which faction they’d fit best in. Then, they choose a faction and must go through a hazing type thing to become a men ever of the faction they chose.

That’s basically the overview so far. I can’t really tell you much more because I didn’t finish the book. It just wasn’t capturing my interest. I feel that if I was really into future society books I’d love it. Also it’s kinda thick. About as thick as Harry potter 3…

Maybe I’ll finish it at sometime. Ya know, in all my free time.


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