Bachelorette Update!


Okay. I’m good now.

I’m actually getting his review up surprisingly quickly:)

I love Emily I must say. She asks the tough questions. She follows her gut. She’s not afraid to send people home. And she’s so cute with her southern accent! And fiercely loyal to her family.

Let me gush about Arie now. I love him. He’s so sweet. And he seems to be he most genuine of the guys. He’s so in love with Emily and I’m so in love with him.

I also like Sean but I think he’s too young for Emily. Jef too. And his hair is quite strange. Chris (gerard butler) is nice but I don’t think it’ll be him. I hunk John and Doug should’ve gone. They probs aren’t going to make it. Travis was so sweet but totally not right for Emily. But he’ll find someone:)

Now, for the longest time I’ve felt Arie will be the winner. Until I saw he preview for next week. Arie and a producer?? WTF?? I prayyyyy that this is just a little thing the show is trying to make a big thing because Arie is so perfect he had to have some flaw. I’m hoping. I have faith in Arie! If it really is legit. I will be absolutely totally shocked.

What are your thoughts??


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