Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Hello! I just finished Saving Francesca last night. I’m really not sure what I think of the book, but here’s the description:

St. Sebastian’s. Pretends it’s a coed school by giving the girls their own toilet.
The psycho girls. He only female companions to be found at St. Sebastian’s: Tara Finke, ultra-feminist; Siobhan Sullivan, former Slut of St. Stella’s Academy”; and Justine Kalinsky, impossibly dorky accordion player.
The Sebastian boys. Thomas Mackee: Specializes in musical burping. Probably dropped on his head a few times as a baby. Will Trombal: Perpetually frowning, smug moron with no personality. Now, if only Francesca could stop daydreaming about him…
Mia. The Queen of Limitation Placers—Francesca’s vivacious mother. Thinks she knows what’s best for Francesca and makes her attend hateful all-boys school—until the day she is suddenly stricken with acute depression, leaving Francesca lost, alone, and without an inkling of who she really is.
Humorous, poignant, and impossible to put down, Saving Frances a is the story of a girl who must summon the strength to save her family, her social life, and—hardest of all—herself.

I guess you could call that the description. It’s what it says on the back of the book.

Honestly, I didn’t really like this book all that much. I may have had too high hopes?? I had just read My Life Next Door which was amazing so maybe I was expecting another amazing book?? It was mediocre. It wasn’t horrible big it wasn’t captivating. I could have put the book down in he middle of the story and never really wondered what happened next.

I felt the book was a very pieced together book. There were elements of Francesca struggling with her mom’s depression. Also, she didn’t know who she was. And she had to make new friends. And she drooled over Will. But I thought all of these components were very separate and when put together they didn’t crape ate a cohesive story.

To sum it up, I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping for more.

Also, side notes: this story takes place in Australia; it also takes place when people used discmans (a portable cd player of you didn’t know that)

Now, I’m starting The Summer of Skinny Dipping. I’m quite hopeful because half of the reviews in the front say that Dessen lovers will love this book too.


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