The Ides of March

I just watched this movie tonight. With my family. It never would have caught my eye otherwise.

Basically, it’s about being on campaign in the democratic primaries. The movie focused on Steven, one of the main campaigners for Morris (can’t remember his first name) the governor. The movie basically shows Steven he ugly side of politics.

I really ended up liking the movie! I’m not into politics at all, but the whole drama and scheming etc of it was very fascinating. Plus, Ryan Gosling is Steven<33 love him!! And George Clooney is the governor. And he directed the movie.

I must say that it really did reveal the bad and ugly of politics. There were harsh realities that the characters had to face.

I don’t know what else to say. The movie is rated R. But mostly because they swear every other word. It was really good and I recommend it!!


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