Kardashian Konfession

Okay, this is super embarrassing, but I’ll admit it, I love watching the Kardashians.

I not only love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I love all of their many spinoff shows such as Khloe and Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, etc. I’m sure there will be more spinoffs to come. I’m not sure why, but I just love it.

Some of it is so stupid and so obviously staged, but I just can’t get enough. Yeah, I understand that they don’t do much to be famous other than just live… I like their stupid family dramas and the way they always make up. It kinda reminds me of a Full House episode. There’s some big drama, and then everyone hugs and makes up at the end of the episode.

My opinions on the many Kardashians and other family members?:

Khloe: I really like her. A lot. She just seems to e the most real and down-to-earth, but she I feel like she plays the supportive wife a bit too strongly sometimes. But, that seems to work for her. I’m surprised that her marriage has lasted this long especially after having gotten married so quickly. I love the relationship she has with Lamar.

Lamar: I don’t “know” that well. But he seems pretty lax and a balance to Khloe’s crazy family. Plus, I like how he’s like a brother to Rob<3!

Rob: Sometimes he just seems like a bit of a loser I must admit. Hopefully this sock line thing works out.

Kim: I really like the way she dresses, I must say. While a lot of the time she seems kinda boring, I know that she must have some spontaneous, fun personality in her. She just doesn’t show it very often. And this whole Kimye situation is quite interesting to watch unfold.

Kourtney: I feel like since motherhood she’s gotten kinda boring… She seems like she has a stick up her ass sometimes. And I don’t know what is going on with her relationship with Scott. I’m sure she has some fun in her too…

Scott: I really don’t know what I think of him. Sometimes he acts like a gay man. Other times he acts like a frat boy. And at times he’s the guy who just wants Kourtney’s affection. What I don’t understand is how he’s still with Kourtney after the whole Vegas situation. Or how he’s now  a father of two because he doesn’t seem to act like it…

Kris: The momager. Oh my. She is very invested in the Kardashian Korporation. She seems like such a workaholic, and sometimes she just needs to mind her own business, but she is a mother after all.

Bruce: He’s off in his own world. He doesn’t seem to belong in the whole Kardashian world of paparazzi and appearances, etc. I’m not sure how exactly he got swept up into all of this….

Kendall and Kylie: At first I thought they were twins… And Kendall is soooo tall! They dress really awesomely, thought

Am I missing anyone?

Just as a side note, my opinions are from an outsider’s point of view only. They’re just my opinions of the family after having watched the show. I know that they edit the crap out of reality shows to make the story go the way they want it to.
I just happen to end up liking these carefully crafted stories.

I’m sure I just lost a bunch of respect for liking to watch these various shows, but come on, admit it, you love to watch the show! I didn’t say you love them…just the show.


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