The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard: Predictions

Oh my! I am so obsessed with this show… It’s kind of sad and embarrassing. I love it especially because it’s Emily…

I watched the Men Tell All episode, and boy was it interesting!!

Emily really told Kalon. But only because he TOTALLY deserved it! I definitely don’t follow him on twitter, but I can’t believe the tweet about the baggage claim thing. Dude, that’s low.

Ryan was douchey as always. He’s just so cocky and arrogant. I loved how Chris Harrison was all like, “Yeah, you’re not going to be the next Bachelor, buddy.” THANK GOD.

But that’s because it’s kinda obvious who the next bachelor actually is. Um, Sean. I can’t wait to watch that season! I love Sean.

Yeah, I don’t have much else to say about last night’s episode.

But, I do have a prediction for the finale. I know that abc made it seem like Emily may not pick EITHER guy… But I feel like that’s all an advertising ruse. I think that Emily will choose Arie. I pray that she chooses Arie just because I love Arie so much. Not only do they haveĀ  a good friendship, they clearly have awesome chemistry.

Poor Jef, though. I don’t even have any reason for thinking that it won’t be Jef other than the fact their relationship started out really slowly. I guess I’m just hoping so badly that’s it’s Arie. But I like both of the guys. I don’t want to see either of their hearts broken. But especially not Arie.

I know that you can find out who it is and all on the internet, but honestly, I don’t want to find out that way. I just want to find out by watching the show. Watching it all unfold. Now only time will tell…


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