Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Mixed feelings…

The story takes place during and after the Civil War in the U.S. It focuses on the Confederate perspective of the war. The main character, Scarlett O’Hara is 16 years old at the start of the book. She lives a rich, Southern lifestyle on a plantation. She is rather selfish and could care less about the war. She mostly thinks of herself and about boys. From what I read, Scarlett made quite the transformation throughout the book. And, the book is a love story.

So, I started Gone With the Wind back in mid July. I rented it from the library and renewed it twice. I still didn’t finish it. I got to around page 550. It’s a long book, but if I was truly captivated I would finished it in that stretch of time… I feel like some parts of the book were quite slow. Like when Scarlett was bored, the book became boring. Or, when they talked and went into detail about the war (I sound like Scarlett). It mostly became interesting when Rhett Butler (the love interest) came into the picture. I found myself craving the parts of the book that he was in.

I would have finished the book, but I had to return it to the library. I’m thinking that the second half of the book had a whole lot more Rhett, and is therefore a whole lot more interesting. I guess I won’t know, unless I rent it out again. But should I? Don’t tell me what  happens, though!

I might just cheat and watch the movie… I’m not sure.


2 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

  1. This is my favorite book. The beginning can drag some, but after the war is over it picks up. While Scarlett is still snobby and childish she becomes more independent and her need for that independence is what drives the second half of the book causing all sorts of things to happen. You should finish it.

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