O Brother, Where Art Thou

So, I just watched this movie in school. We watched it because of all of the parallels between it and The Odyssey.

The movie takes place in the south during the Great Depression. And starts George Clooney.

I didn’t really follow the movie that well (mostly because I wasn’t paying super close attention), but basically hear guys break out of jail to go ind treasure. Along the way, they encounter a bunch of obstacles. Then, it’s found hat there is no treasure and that the main guy wanted to be with his wife. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens. I’m sorry if I’m wrong…

I’ll admit, I thought that it was very strange. I know that it’s a pretty well reviewed movie, but it wasn’t for me.

A lot of the characters really followed the Odyssey. Characters such as Odysseus, Penelope, Polyphemus, the suitors, the sirens, etc were all represented in the movie.

I’d say meh. Not my thing. But maybe it’s yours?

*Also, I’ve been super busy with school, so sorry about the lack of updates. Maybe this weekend I’ll do some updates about new fall tv!


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