Fall 2012 TV

So, I’m pretty excited about the new fall tv show since seeing the pilots!

The Mindy Project

There’s this girl, and she’s a doctor, and she’s played by Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office). She’s a hopeless romantic and is obsessed with chick flicks. And she’s desperately trying to find the love of her life. The show is basically about those obstacles she ran into.

I really liked the show. A lot. I thought that Mindy was so funny. She’s easy to relate to, and there are some pretty hot guys on the show.


It really annoyed me how she slept with that sleazy guy again at the end of the episode, though. And lied to her bff about it…
Ben and Kate

Kate had this daughter who’s about 6 out of wedlock. She’s just starting to date again. She has a brother, Ben, who is in and out of her life. He’s a little all over the place. At the end of the pilot, they decide Ben will move in with Kate, help her care for her daughter, and that’s the show.

A cute and charming show. The little girl is so cute! I can’t even remember her name right now, but she was in We Bought a Zoo (you can read my review of that here). I just thought the show was a feel-good, funny show. Ya know the feeling you get after watching Full House where everyone hugs in the end. It’s kinda that feeling. But not in an obnoxious way.

Go On

The show is about a sports radio broadcaster who recently lost his wife to texting and driving. His boss, I think, makes him go to group counseling, and the show goes from there.

Matthew Perry. I loved him in Friends. That’s why I considered this show. I thought the pilot was charming and cute. I couldn’t wait for the next episode to finally come out. And when it did, I was kind of disappointed. Everything seemed a little too forced. All of the charm of Chandler Bing was lost. I’ll admit, I haven’t seen the next few episodes yet. Mostly because I’ve been reluctant to face another letdown.


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