The Lucky One (movie)

Typical Nicholas Sparks, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So, this guy (Zac Efron) is in war, and he finds this picture of this pretty girl. After finding and keeping this picture he miraculously survives all these dangerous situations. He asks around to see if its anyone’s picture, but no one claims it. Once he comes back from war, he goes to find the girl. He walks with his dog from Colorado to the east coast. Maybe Virginia or North Carolina? I can’t remember. But he finds the girl, and she runs this dog kennel and she’s divorced and has a young son and lives with her grandma and has a brother MIA. And then, eventually, of course, they fall in live. Etc…Watch it to find out the rest!

Zac Efron is hott in this movie. Goodbye to High School Musical! Haha!

The son of the girl (Taylor schilling) is sooo adorable! He’s probably around eight in the movie.

I thought the movie was good. Classic love story format. Ya know: fall in love. It’s wonderful. Something happens. Break up. Realize they shouldn’t have broken up in the first place. Get back together. Run off into the sunset:)))<333 but I’m okay with that.

I thought it was pretty well acted, it flowed well. Just as successful as any other Nicholas Sparks book turned movie.

I have yet to read the book. I tend to read the book before watching the movie, but it kinda just happened.

Go watch it. Feel good, rainy day movie!

Also Blythe danner is in this movie playing the all-knowing straight up grandma:)


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