The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This book was amazing!

Henry DeTamble is a time traveller, and he falls in love with Clare Abshire. Henry doesn’t have any control over when he time travels’ he just gets ripped from the present to visit the past or the future. In the past or future he can see and interact with people and himself at that time. The book changes perspectives between Clare and Henry. The book is pretty much their life story.

At first, I thought that this book was really difficult to read. The time period and perspective are constantly changing, and you, as the reader, feel like you’re thrown into this time traveling world without much explanation. Part of my problem was that I’d read about five pages at a time.

Once I really got into the book and read more along the lines of at least 30 pages at a time, I fell into the rhythm of the book. Often, a scene would be played out from both Clare and Henry’s perspectives.

The book definitely is sad, though. And it leaves you with a lot of sadness at the end. But the whole story is so good as a whole, so it’s worth it.


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