Red by Taylor Swift

I wasn’t sure how I’d like his album after hearing “We Are never Ever getting Back Together”, but I actually really love this album.

There are a lot of sad songs, not necessarily in sound but definitely in lyrics. There’s a lot of pop (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and there no country whatsoever.

My favorite song in the album is “Everything Has Changed”. I love the sound, the lyrics, and of course Ed Sheeran!!

Other favorites:

“22”: Taylor sounds a bit like Ke$ha at the beginning, but I like Ke$ha so it doesn’t really bother me. It’s such a dance-y song!

“Stay Stay Stay”: such a sweet song! And I like all the repetition in it.

“Treacherous”: it’s sad, but I love the sound.

“Holy Ground”: love the sound I this one too.

Those are probably my favorites, and I don’t think there are any songs that I don’t like.

In general as a song listener I like faster more upbeat songs for their sound. Sound matters more than lyrics to me. But I definitely do appreciate the lyrics too.

I really like the album! My only complaint is that I do miss her more country songs. I don’t even like county music and I like he country songs (“Our Song”, “Picture to Burn”, “Mean”, etc.)


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