The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I literally just finished reading the book. And it was a really good book.

The book is written in letter format to an anonymous friend from Charlie the main character and narrator of the book. The book records Charlie’s experience from his freshman year of high school and the summer after. Charlie is a bit of an odd duck who keeps to himself. He ends up becoming friends with two seniors Sam and Patrick who are step siblings. Charlie experiences many firsts throughout he book as he makes friends and begins to step outside of his box.

The story is very honest, raw, and at times, heartbreaking. Charlie writes about his feelings which are very relatable. He also writes about his experiences which aren’t as relatable to me, personally, but still pretty heartbreaking.

I was inspired to read this book for two reasons. First, I saw the movie trailer with Emma Watson which looked really awesome. Since I try to read the book before watching the movie, I decided to read the book. Also, I heard that this book was an awesome book and beloved by many.

Now, for me, my beloved books are Sarah Dessen books. While they are very relatable and wonderful, they are different from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This book has a lot of devastation and not as many ride-into-the-sunset moments. And that’s okay. I like both types.

I felt like I had so much sympathy for Charlie for everything he went through. While I couldn’t relate to some of his more drastic experiences, I could relate to the feeling of being an outsider. Of being a lost teenager.

It’s a book worth reading.


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