This is one of my, if not my, all-time favorite show. And I just finished the entire series.

It’s about six friends living in New York City. To sum it up quickly.

I loved the characters, the jokes, the actors, the everything.

Ross Gellar
He’s such a lovable geek. Oh, his love for dinosaurs… And his many marriages…and divorces. His facial expressions.

Chandler Bing
He’s so funny. And so easy to make fun of. His last name. And also so lovable.

Joey Tribbiani
His love for food. His love for women. His absolute stupidity. But also so lovable too. How you doin’?

Monica Gellar
Her EXTREME OCD. The fat kid turned amazing skinny chef. Yeah, her OCD, did I mention that? Her sibling rivalry with Ross. Her lovableness.

Rachel Green
Spoiled rich girl turned lovable girl next door. With a thing for fashion. So lovable!

Phoebe Buffay
Quirky masseuse. Totally out there. Sometimes stupid. But oh so lovable. And of course, smelly caaat!

**please, if you haven’t watched all of the episodes, don’t read anymore!!! It’s worth all of the wonderful surprises!

Ross and Rachel
You always want them to be together, always rooting for them. Damn those breaks! We were on a break. We were not on a break. Yeah…. And Emma!! And the airport scene! Sighhhhhh…

Chandler and Monica
I feel like once it happened, I couldn’t remember what the show was like when try weren’t together. When I watched old episodes I had to remind myself that they weren’t together. Yeah, that London episode was awesome. And the twins!!!

Mike and Phoebe
I like mike. There wasn’t too much back story to him, so I’m not sure what I think of him. But he makes Phoebe happy, so yay!!

I thought the ending was so sad yet so perfect. Sad only because it was ending. It was sad that chandler and Monica were moving out of the apartment. The beloved apartment where sooooo much happened. When they all put their keys down on the counter in the empty apartment… And went to get one last cup of coffee. The perfect ending to a perfect show.

I can’t stop gushing about this show. There’s something about at that feels like home. All if the amazing characters. Central Perk. Gunther. Janice. Richard. Just everything. Finishing the show felt like losing six incredible friends.


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