A Discussion About TV Shows

Well, hello.

I love tv. I am pretty obsessed with it. And I like to think that I have a pretty good variety of shows.

There are the crime shows:

The Mentalist


You’ve gotta love Simon Baker. It’s basically about a team on the California Bureau of Investigation. There’s Patrick Jane who is played by Simon Baker, and he’s a mischievous consultant who is reallysuperextra observant. Then there’s Theresa Lisbon who’s the head if the team and keeps Jane in check. Vanpelt, Rixby, and Cho make up the rest of the team (I’m probably spelling these names wrong). There’s also the side story where Jane is searching for the murderer of his family, Red John.

Burn Notice

friskytuna …couldn’t find one with Jesse

I haven’t been watching lately, but I’ve been meaning to get back to it. It’s basically about this guy named Michael Weston who is a burned spy. He’s a do-gooder in Miami helping out a medley of people. His team consists of Fiona, Sam, and Jesse. Basically, watch the intro of the show and it’ll explain the storyline.

Lie To Me


I used to love this show, but I felt like it fell off the tracks during the last season. Cal Lightman studies minute facial expressions to solve crimes with his team.



Castle is a writer and consultant for the NYPD. Beckett leads the team, and is also Castle’s love interest. I feel like this show comes up with some pretty unique crimes.

I’m pretty sure that sums up my crime show watching with a little NCIS here and there.


There are also the oldies/childhood favorites:

Full House


I used to watch this show everyday after elementary school. The show centers around three daughters and their widower father. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle are the three sisters. Danny Tanner is the Dad. His best friend Joey and his brother-in-law Uncle Jesse end up living with Danny to help raise the kids. So sweet and funny and so 90s.

PB&J Otter


This show was on Playhouse Disney. It’s about this otter family. I loved how the otter kids slid down a slide into their sits for breakfast.

The Lizzie McGuire Show


A relatable preteen show starring Hilary Duff. Pretty much about an average middle school girl and her two bffs.

Drake and Josh


It’s about two stepbrothers, one cool, the other not so much. When their parents get married they learn to live together as brothers and have many hysterical adventures.

Dragon Tales


These twins would say this little poem while holding a stone, and they would end up with their dragon friends. The show was about their adventures and if course some life lessons. So cute and inspires imagination.

Currently watching:

Project Runway

maureen lunn

I’ve been watching this reality show since it started. Basically, each week, designers have different challenges where they have to make outfits. The final three contestants show an entire collection at NY Fashion Week



I’ve been watching this show for awhile too. Basically people are split up into two tribes to live on an island and survive with challenges, immunity, and tribal council to vote each other out. This show is full of strategy and scraggly people. And it’s pretty awesome.

Gossip Girl


It’s about the lives of privileged Upper East Siders in NYC. Gossip Girl is an anonymous person who runs a gossip website about the scandals of the cast’s lives. (Okay, this series just ended, but a review soon)

Pretty Little Liars


Of course I watch this show. It’s kind of a crime show. These four friends have a friend who was killed, so it’s basically a murder mystery. Except, A is this all-knowing someone who sends these creepy threatening messages to the girls. So, it’s a creepy mystery show.

Modern Family


A comedy show following three different families. There’s Cam and Mitch who are a gay couple that adopted an Asian daughter, Lily. There’s Claire and Phil Dunphy who are married and have three kids. And there’s Mitch and Claire’s dad who remarried a younger woman, Gloria, who has a son. So, it’s about their lives.



Another family show. It follows four families plus the grandparents. This show is more serious and more of a drama than a comedy. The grandparents have four kids. There’s Adam who’s married to Christina. They have a daughter in college, an autistic son, and a baby daughter. Then, there Julia who’s married to Joel. They have a daughter in elementary school, and they recently adopted another kid. There’s Sarah who is divorced and has two kids Drew and Amber who are in high school and college. And there’s Crosby who’s married to Jasmine and has a son named Jabbar. Do, this show follows their lives.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Gene Hunt

I’m embarrassed to admit I watch this show…and all of its spinoff a, but I do. And I enjoy it. I wrote a whole post on this awhile back.



This is my absolute favorite talk show. I love Ellen DeGeneres. She’s so funny and kind and awesome.

Recently found and awesome:


Jimmy MacDonald

There’s a plane crash, and these people have to survive. At least that’s what you think it’s about. Then, it gets a little sci-fi. But, the characters and all of their back stories are awesome. In only on season 2, but it’s so addicting!

How I Met Your Mother

birger king

There are these friends living in NYC, and the show follows their adventures. But it’s unique because Ted Mosby, one of the main characters, is telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. While the storyline sometimes strays from this original idea, it’s so easy to fall in love with these characters. WATCH IT!

Once Upon a Time


This is such a creative show that blends many fairytales together. The gist is that the evil witch from Snow White put a curse on the people in the fairytale world, and they ended up in modern day living unfulfilled lives. The daughter of Snow White can save the town, and her son who she’d put up for adoption as a baby will help her conquer the evil witch. There’s a lot more to this show, but it’s easier to just watch it.

And my absolute favorite show?


Alan Light

This is another show about friends in NYC, but what’s super special about this show is the way the actors interact with each other. The chemistry is amazing. The characters are so lovable. And you follow their lives from their twenties into their thirties. You watch them go through relationships, marriages, divorces, moving homes, hitting milestone ages, maturing, and just being awesome!

So, I said I watched a lot of TV. If you made it this far, good for you! Now I watch the boob tube!


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