Safe Haven (movie)


source: apparena

I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan to. I try to read books before I see movies, but I just couldn’t find the time with this one…

The basic plot of the story is that this girl runs away from her past, and you don’t know what she’s running from at first. She ends up in a small beach town in either North Carolina or South, and she restarts her life. She falls in love…

The movie was so awesome! I really liked Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. And the little girl who played Lexie was so adorable! I loved the beach setting, and it makes me want to go to the beach so badly (damn this February weather!).

I felt like, in some ways, the movie was kind of unexpected. There was a lot more tension than I expected. (I hadn’t seen any previews before going to see the movie.)

OH, and Robin, from How I Met Your Mother was in it. Whaat??!!

I’d definitely recommend this movie if you like chick flicks. Personally, I love Nicholas Sparks for nice, easy beach reads and fun romantic movies. This one fit the bill!

I loved how the movie tied up, too. With the letter<3! So adorable. And did I mention the beach setting? THE BEST!



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