The Paper Kites – Woodland EP

This album is amazing and I absolutely recommend you go listen to it! It sounds like spring when the birds start to chirp and the flowers start to bloom. It sounds like going on a road trip for the fun of it. It sounds young and fun and happy. I am obsessed! I started with only Woodland the song, but I couldn’t resist the rest of the album!

Woodland– This song has a lovely echoey sound that reminds me of spring. Like running through a field on a sunny day. It’s also a nice driving song. This is one of my favorites on the album!

Featherstone– This song has a really nice, peaceful, yet traveling sound to it. There’s a soothing sense to it, but it still upbeat.

Halycon– This song has a bit a slower pace than the others. It’s another soothing, spring song.

Willow Tree March– I love this song! There’s a steady sound to it that makes the song a traveling song. I love how they put stress at certain parts of words and then draw out other words. There’s a determined feeling to the song.

The Mortal Boy KingThis song has a dominant female voice; it sounds very ethereal. It’s another slower paced song. There’s an overall repetition to the lyrics. It sounds like a song you’d listen to on a rainy day while watching the raindrops on the window.

Bloom (bonus track)– I absolutely love this song!! It’s sooo sweet! This is a sweet love song with a slower pace. It has a lot of love in it. It sounds like waking up on a sunny morning filled with happiness and love.

On iTunes, it says that “Listeners Also Bought”: Tin Sparrow, Patrick James, Lydia Cole, Ben Howard, etc. Mostly singer/songwriter music.


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