Hoodie Allen

I’ve been loving Hoodie Allen! He is what I would consider a “pop” rapper. It’s definitely not hardcore rap. It’s more like happy rap. His songs are all so catchy and upbeat. They sound like summer to me. So, I’m going to discuss some of my favorite songs by him.

  • Eighteen Cool-All American: It’s a pretty simple song, but it has a sort of screw you attitude (but not in a mean way). It’s basically saying, I’ve moved on and made it big despite all the haters from the past.
  • Fame is For Assholes (ft Chiddy)-Crew Cuts: This song is super catchy! It makes me want to dance around my room.
  • Where Do We Go Now-Crew Cuts: This song is a bit slower and more relaxed. But it’s still awesome. It’s very soothing, and it kind of expresses a feeling that I know I’ll be experiencing soon.
  • Song For An Actress-Leap Year: This one is just good. This one has more rap than singing compared to a lot of his other songs.
  • Swimming With Sharks-Pep Rally: I just absolutely love this song. I love the combo of rap and singing in this song. It just works.
  • January Jones-Pep Rally: I think the female backup singing really transforms this song and makes it a bit different. Also, this one has a lot of singing–less rap.

These ones are probably my absolute favorite, but I just love him in general. Especially the Crew Cuts album!

I originally got hooked on Hoodie Allen from watching one of Caspar Lee’s (dicasp) videos on YouTube (check him out!).



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