Hunter Hayes’ Self-Titled Album

I love Hunter Hayes so much! I first discovered him through Taylor Swift, at her Speak Now concert. I must admit, his looks distracted me a bit from his music. Haha! But, then, I went home, and I got his album; I fell in love!! (Also, if you want to know my favorite lyrics from this album, visit lifeiseveryday)

Storm Warning– This is one of the big singles off the album. I must admit that it’s quite catchy, though it’s not my favorite. It feels very summery. It’s a song that gets you moving

Wanted– Another big single off of this album. This song is just so sweet! I don’t tend to like slow songs, but I love this one! It makes ma SA-WOON (do you get the reference?)!

If You Told Me To– This is a good song with the perfect balance of soft, yet still fast. Another sweet song<3 Lovely vocals on this one.

Love Makes Me– This one is awesome! It’s fast paced and feel good. The rhyming flows really well. It’s a very good summer song!

Faith to Fall Back On– This song is my FAVORITE! It’s so heartwarming and sweet. It’s a good summer song. It’s a chill, driving-along-the-highway-with-the-windows-down song. Ahhhh! I just love it soooo much!!

Somebody’s Heartbreak– This one is slower. It’s kind of like the lazy days of summer. Another sweet one!

Rainy Season– This is another slow song. It’s very calming. It’s so sad and sweet at the same time.

Cry With You– This is another sort of slow song. It’s a comforting song.

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me– Very relatable. And quite upbeat.

What You Gonna Do– This song is super relaxed feeling. It soothes me. I really like this one.

More Than I Should– Yuck. This is my least favorite song on the whole album. Too country. Something about it just does not appeal to me. AT ALL.

All You Ever– This is another slow one. This one is sad and sweet because it’s admitting to his mistakes in the relationship.

This album has a bunch of slow songs, which I didn’t even realize. I don’t normally like slow songs, but I LOVE this album. Pretty much the whole album makes me SA-WOON (swoon, in case you didn’t read the book). All of the songs are just so sweet, and they come from the heart. Sighhhhh…


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