The Office: My Final Thoughts

I just finished watching the season finale of The Office. 

You know why I started watching The Office? I started watching it because in my history class in ninth grade, everyone would talk about these characters Dwight and Michael. Everyone would laugh about these two characters, and I had no idea what anyone was talking, but everyone said to watch the show. One day I did, and I fell in love.

When I first started watching, I thought it was a bit weird but funny, too. It took a little bit of time to get to know all of the characters and understand what each one brought to the table, though.

I loved Jim from the start. He’s kind of the boy next door. I always loved how he’d look right into the camera; it’s his signature move. It made him that much more endearing.

I loved Pam, too. At the beginning, she was this lost woman. She was in a terrible relationship while her soulmate was right in front of her. I loved to see Pam grow. She slowly became more confident and grew into a wonderful woman, wife, and mother (and artist!).

DWIGHT! He was just so funny! He was just one big mixture of weirdness. The way that Jim and Dwight interacted made the show even funnier. He was a guaranteed laugh.

Stanley was funny because he was just so miserable at his job. Everyone was miserable at one point or another, but Stanley was perpetually miserable. (Except for the end of the day)

There is always the stupid character, but there is no stupider character than Kevin. Many stupid characters are there to get extra cheap laughs. Kevin’s stupidity was so believable because he was always that stupid (and I mean that in the kindest way because it’s just the way he was).

Angela–the crazy cat lady. I loved how she softened up at the end when she got with Dwight. She was never one of my favorites, but she had her moments.

Phyllis was the sweet, grandmotherly character. She was always so cheerful (for the most part).

Oh Meredith…there really are no words.

I really liked Oscar, and I don’t know why. I’m not sure if there was any particular reason. He was just a very sensible guy in a craazy office.

I never really understood Creed. He was just very strange.

Ryan the dreamer, yet never the achiever…

Kelly was the airhead. Yet she just wanted a fairytale ending, which I don’t know how likely that is with Ryan…

Andy. The Nard-dog. Andy from Cornell. Andy who sings in an a cappella group. Andy was crazy and acted a bit bipolar.

Darryl was so sensible. I always liked him. He was just Darryl who moved from the warehouse to the office.

Erin I never really liked. I kind of found her to be annoying. She was always such a naive child in a woman’s body.

Michael Scott. Michael Scott. Michael Scott. Oh my…(that’s what she said). Some of the words that would come out of his mouth I couldn’t believe. Yet, i could because they were so Michael. I loved the way the writers pushed the envelope with Michael’s lines saying outrageous things. But I also loved that Michael was such a sweet and well-meaning person. He truly did think of his coworkers as a family–his family.

Now to talk about the various relationships in the show:

Michael and Dwight. Dwight the Assistant to the Regional Manager. Dwight worshipped Michael. I loved their relationship. Dwight was always Michael’s righthand man. And I loved how Dwight would always tell on Jim to Michael.

Jim and Dwight. This relationship provided soooo many laughs. All of the pranks…<3 One of my favorite pranks was the desk wrapped in wrapping paper. I also loved when Pam and Jim teamed up on a prank. I also loved that in the end they became friends. And I loved that Jim would never do any malicious prank. His pranks were merely used to pass the time and amuse himself (and Pam) during a monotonous day at work.

Dwight and Angela. Well the writers sort of pulled a “Ross and Rachel” with this relationship. They got them together early on-ish, and then they broke them up until the end. They really are well paired because for some reason it works. I love how Angela became happy once the got married. It’s just such a weird dynamic, but it works.

Ryan and Kelly. They were always such a mess. And I don’t really know what to say to it. I just think it may have been one of the most realistic relationships on the show, though (not to say that Jim and Pam can’t happen in real life too).

Jim and Pam. The couple of the show. I loved how you could see their relationship grow throughout the show. At the beginning, Jim was in love with Pam, but Pam was already in a relationship. They were friends and coworkers, but they always had a bit of a spark. When they finally kissed it was magic. The proposal was swoon-worthy! I loved how they sneaked off and did their own wedding ceremony and then did the other one with all of their friends. I loved how, while their relationship is fairytale-worthy, their relationship is realistic and understated, which makes it all the more perfect!

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the last season and a half. I tried after Steve Carrell left. I really tried. But at some point I was no longer motivated to. Michael Scott was the fuel of the show for me. I couldn’t stand Andy as the boss. Whatever the spark was for me when I started the show, it had died out.

But then I watched the retrospective episode which really made me realize why I fell in love with the show. It made me remember all of the wonderful laughs and cries the show brought me. 

And then I watched the finale which made me cry. Watching finales always make me cry. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend–a group of friends–for forever. From this point on, the characters will never concretely move forward. I know that finales are supposed to show you that they do live on in the future. But especially with the The Office finale, nothing will ever be the same. Jim and Pam won’t be at the office. That automatically makes it so different.

I’d just like to say cheers to the show. It was amazing. And I’ll always watch reruns. And i can guarantee that those reruns will always make me laugh.

P.S. Sorry that this was a little long, but there’s so much to say about an amazing show and an amazing many years past and to come. What are your thoughts?


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