The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough

This took me awhile to read, but it was well worth my time.

This book is a story that takes place over a a long time—about sixty years. It starts in the early 1990s in New Zealand. The story focuses on the Cleary family, a large Catholic family with one daughter, Meggie. Meggie is the main character of the story. When she is ten years old the family moves to Australia to live and work in their Aunt’s estate, Drogheda. The priest, Ralph de Bricassart takes a special liking to Meggie. They become friends an eventually fall in live, though it is forbidden. The family experiences new life, deaths, and many changes through the story.

This book was recommended to me, an I know I need would have picked it up by myself. I’m glad that I read it though. I’ve never read one book that takes place over such a long time. There were some slow pints I the book, but overall the story kept me fascinated and wanting to find out what happens to Meggie next. The book was definitely sad, but also pretty realistic.

It is definitely long (nearly 700 pages), but worth it.

I was determined to finish this book because nit only is it due back to the library soon, but Sarah Dessen’s be book us coming out soon (June 4). I know that once I have that book I would never finish this one. So, all in all, in glad I read it!


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