The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I’m really not that into rap, but I’ve been LOVING The Heist!

I at first had kind of blown off Macklemore after hearing Thrift Shop twenty billion times, but for some reason I tried them out, and I love it.

  1. Ten Thousand Hours– This song is okay. It’s not my favorite, but I love the ending because it opens up the album so nicely.
  2. Can’t Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton– This one is awesome! It’s at the top of the charts for a reason. Awesome energy. Makes me want to dance:)
  3. Thrift Shop ft. Wanz- I have warmed to this song. It’s definitely not my favorite, but  it’s not bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard it so many times.
  4. Thin Line ft. Buffalo Madonna– I really love this song!! It might be my favorites??! Such a good vibe!
  5. Same Love ft. Mary Lambert– This is actually one of the initial songs that really made me want to listen to more of their music. The message is just so great.
  6. Make the Money– Well, there are those sirens again…damn, I really like them for some reason. But, this song is really good aside from that.
  7. Neon Cathedral ft. Allen Stone- This one has a sort of smooth sound to it.
  8. BomBom ft. The Teaching– This one is totally instrumental (which I’m not normally into it), and I love it! The music really tells a story.
  9. White Walls ft. ScHoolboy Q and Hollis– This one’s pretty good to! A lot of variety of sounds.
  10. Jimmy lovine ft Ab-Soul– Maybe I’m really weird, but I love the sirens. Haha! This song is awesome! There’s so much energy!
  11. Wing$– I really like the story of this song. And, I love the chorus in the background.
  12. A Wake ft. Evan Roman– I don’t listen to this one that much, but it’s actually pretty good…I guess I should listen to it more. The rap parts are good, but the singing is so-so.
  13. Gold ft. Eighty4 Fly– This is another really good one. It’s got a moving forward feeling to it.
  14. Starting Over ft. Ben Bridwell– This song is very open, which is nice. Another good story song.
  15. Cowboy Boots– Not my favorite, but it’s definitely unique. There’s a bit of country mixed in which is kinda weird, yet it actually works out…
  16. Castle– This song is crazy and weird, yet awesome and upbeat.
  17. My Oh My– I really like this one. It’s slower paced than some of the other songs. It’s kind of a story song. And I love the backup/background of the song.
  18. Victory Lap– I love this song! The vibe is really good.

This album just has so much variety that it’s impossible to get bored! Definitely check them out!!


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