Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

I am loving this band so much!!!!!

  1. Radioactive– I know this song has been pretty popular lately, but I’m actually not that wild about it. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite. I think there’s just to much voice distortion.
  2. Tiptoe– This song is awesome! It’s a high energy song, and just good all around.
  3. It’s Time– This is my absolute favorite song on this album!!!! It’s just got the best energy and sound and everything!
  4. Demons– This song is awesome, too, especially the beginning. It’s got this whole building up thing going on.
  5. On Top of the World– This is a very happy song. It kind of reminds me of being in a rainforest a little bit (not that I’ve been in a rainforest), or maybe some tropical island.
  6. Amsterdam- I really like this one, too. The music in it is awesome!
  7. Hear Me– This one’s alright; it’s not a favorite. But it’s still pretty good.
  8. Every Night– Ooh, this one’s really good. It’s slower than the other songs, but still really good.
  9. Bleeding Out– I love this song! I like the clapping or stomping or whatever it is in the background.
  10. Underdog– Another tropical island song… I really like the electronic sound of it!
  11. Nothing Left to Say/Rocks– This one is awesome. It has the building sound to it.
  12. Working Man– This is an awesome song. It’s upbeat. The background vocals are good!
  13. Fallen– I say this for pretty much all of them, but aaah, this one’s so good too. It feels like moving forward
  14. My Fault– Another excellent song. It’s definitely good.
  15. Round and Round– Another great one. It has a very hollow sound to it, which is cool.
  16. The River– I love this one!! It’s very soothing sounding.
  17. America– This one’s awesome too!
  18. Selene– Yet another winner! I really like the steady beat in some parts of the song.

Okay, as you can tell, I really love this album. There are just so many amazing songs!!!!! I can’t express my love for it enough…


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