Wow. I just finished Lost.

Okay, this is kind of difficult to explain because it’s so complex, but I’ll just give he bare bones. Basically, this airplane flying from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes on an island in the Pacific. There are about ten main cast members that the show focuses on. There are many flashbacks to fill in each character’s back story I their life before the crash. Now, for a bit the show seems like an innocent survival story. It actually ends up being kind of a super naturalish/science fictiony mystery complex thing. You’d have to watch to know what I’m talking about.

I would definitely recommend this show. I watched it on Netflix instant watch. At first, I was so addicted to it. It was all I would watch. But about halfway or maybe a little more than halfway through the show, I started to lose a bit I interest. The only thing that powered me through was wanting to find out what happened in the end.

SPOILERS!!!!!!! I seriously suggest watching it I find out what happens in the end.

The entire time I was watching the show everyone told me how disappointed I would be at the end. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I’ve watched the end, I do feel a little disappointed. The ending was a bit to gooey happy with them in “heaven”, all together. Now, I haven’t quite had time to truly process the end. I wanted to type out this review so I could read stuff online (I try not to read anyone else’s opinions until I write a review).

Honestly, at the end, I was kind of confused. I felt like there were a lot of loose ends.

Overall, though, I thought this was an excellent show. It makes you think and ponder. It makes you want to keep watching more. It keeps you puzzled. I’m still kind of puzzled.


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