Liberal Arts

This is a weird little indie film.

It’s about admissions officer Jesse who is in his mid thirties living in New York City (Josh Radnor) and is invited by his professor, from his alma mater, to attend a retirement celebration. While visiting the college he meets a girl named Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen) who is a student at the college currently. They connect through their eclectic tastes. When he returns home, they communicate by writing hand-written letters, discussing a classical music mixtape she put together for him. Eventually, he returns to the college to see her in person. On the side, the professor who just retired regrets retiring and wants his job back. Also, Jesse befriends Dean, a student at the college who had a manic breakdown the year before.

To say the least, the movie is a bit strange. Some parts were endearing. Some were relatable. Jesse’s relationship with Dean was the best part of the movie, in my opinion. I thought Zibby (short for Elizabeth) was a bit too forward, throwing herself at Jesse, and that kind of bothered me. The movie felt kind of quirky and awkward. The ending was sweet.

I’d say, not the best movie, but maybe you’re into those indie films?


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