Young North (EP) by The Paper Kites

This album is AMAZING!!!!! I love The Paper Kites so much!

A Maker of My Time This is such a soft and beautiful song. It’s sad, but very beautiful. The song has a sense of moving  forward.

Leopold Street- This song sounds more upbeat, even though the words are kind of sad. It’s a nostalgic song. It’s another song of movement. It’s like walking down the happy street of memory lane.

When Our Legs Grew Tall– It’s about being a grown up and reflecting on having the perspective of a child. I think the title is so clever. This song is upbeat.

Paint– This is my favorite song off this album!! It’s so soft and beautiful and wonderful. This song is very sad, but wonderful. It sounds like a rainy day song.

Kiss the Grass– This is a sweet song. It’s very slow, but it’s beautiful. It’s sweet.

This album is sad, but it sounds so beautiful. I also did an album review of their EP, Woodland, so go check it out!


One thought on “Young North (EP) by The Paper Kites

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