Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I LOVED this book! I couldn’t put it down!

Nick and Rachel are professors at NYU who have fallen in love. Rachel is from mainland China, but she moved to America with her single mother as a baby. Nick, unbeknownst to Rachel, comes from Singapore, as an overseas Chinese, coming from one of the richest families on the island. Nick and Rachel are getting serious, and he invites Rachel to spend a summer with him and his family in Singapore. Rachel is in for quite the surprise. 

I just had to find out what was happening next in the book. It was addicting. I felt like everything was a cliffhanger. I also enjoyed learning about a culture that seems so luxurious, but also little known to me. I liked that Kwan used some local dialect, explaining the meaning in footnotes.

The novel’s chapters are focus on varying people or places. One chapter may focus on Rachel Chu, while another may focus on events occurring at Tyersall Park. 

While the plot is a bit cliche, the story is definitely not. 

At times, I thought the dialogue seemed a bit unnatural or forced. And sometimes, Nick seemed a bit too perfect. But sometimes perfect characters are nice, though not so realistic. Those are my only criticisms, and they’re very minor.

I loved it cover to cover, and now I’m sad that it’s done. 



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