The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I have mixed feelings on this book.

This is a nonfiction book where Gladwell speculates on what makes fads, ideas, etc become popular or reach a tipping point. What makes some ideas spread like wildfire and others to flop?

I thought that this book sounded super interesting, and I was excited to read it. As I read it, the points that Gladwell made seemed sensible. At times, the book became very involved in the experiments that it discusses, so I felt the main ideas and his thesis got a bit lost along the way. I also thought that he said a lot without saying quite as much.

While at times I lost interest in the book, I think Gladwell made some very valid and important points. The concept is interesting.

I think if the information was more applicable to my life, I would have found it more interesting. I think that some people will find it quite helpful and insightful, though.


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