Finding Time To Read

I absolutely love reading (if it’s the right book), but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

I love and have always loved reading. When I was younger I would read three books at a time, always reading. I’ve foraged into many genres: mystery, historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, nonfiction, classics (unfortunately), etc.

I’ll be the first I admit that reading takes effort. It takes more effort than vegging out, watching TV. It takes more effort than surfing the web. You have to read and process and visualize and think. And many times I find myself turning to electronics, instead of reading.

I’m also a little picky with books. You could also call it high standards. Not every book captivates me. Not every book makes me unable to function and put it down. But sometimes when I read a mediocre book, I can’t read past the first few chapters.

The funny thing is that lately I’ve been reading so much lately, but none of it has been optional reading. It’s all been for school, and it’s all been an obligation.

But I really need to find a good book! Any suggestions?


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