States by The Paper Kites

This album is so amazing and ethereal! I’m obsessed!

Malleable Beings – This song/album starts out slowly, gently, building. The voices and instruments are so soft and delicate and perfect.

St. Clarity – This is my favorite song off their album. It’s filled with hope and loveliness. It’s a quiet hope, but it feels like you are swelling with hope, making you buoyant, and causing you to float up into the sky. Maybe it’s the bubbles from the video?

Living Colour – The female vocals are strong in this song. I feel like this one has an understated sense of power to it.

Gates – This song is especially slow, and it has a bit of a somber tone to it.

Young – This song is a bit faster paced. It has the feeling of passing time.

A Lesson From Mr. Gray – This is probably the most different and my least favorite song on the album. Maybe it’s the instrumentals at the beginning of the song. I’ve been warming up to it, slowly, though.

Tin Lover – This one is my second favorite song on the album, it’s very slow but wonderful. It sounds a bit sad, but it feels like being wrapped in a blanket in a cold room while the snow falls outside, a candle lit on the table.

Cold Kind Hand – This is another with strong female vocals. I like it. The beat in the background is nice and steady.

Never Heard A Sound – This song is very gentle and comforting. I like the ooohhing in it; it’s soothing.

In Reverie – This song is faster paced with female vocals. It’s such a pretty song.

Tenenbaum – This song is also very gentle. And it reminds me of winter and sweaters. I love it!

Portrait 19 – This song is very soft and slow. It sounds like dawn, as the sun rises in the cool winter morning.

I Done You So Wrong – This is a long song that is very gentle.

I can’t express how much I love this album, and this band! It and they are absolutely amazing!!!!! I was surprised that I would like this album so much since I don’t normally like slow songs, but I can’t not like this album! I’ve done reviews on their two EPs that are very different from this album (but equally amazing). [Woodland and Young North]


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