Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Oh my. I had to read this book for school. It’s related to Jane Eyre.

The book is about the crazy lady Bertha in the attic in Jane Eyre, and it’s divided into three parts. The first part is from the point of view of Bertha/Antoinette (her real name). Then it’s from Rochester’s view. And then it’s from Antoinette’s perspective in the attic.

I did not like this book. I wanted to leave all that Jane Eyre stuff in the past. I must admit that it was better than Jane Eyre (mostly because I thought Jane Eyre’s mind was extremely annoying).

This book was very difficult. It doesn’t seem that way. I would read it by myself, and I would think that I understood everything. Then, I would come into school, and my teacher would bring up all this stuff that I didn’t recall. It made me feel like I hadn’t even read because I missed so much. So, yeah, it was difficult. And just not the kind of thing that I would want to read.


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