The Carrie Diaries: First Impressions

When I first heard about the series, I was a bit skeptical, but I am OBSESSED (I’ve watched 3 tonight).

So this is a tv series that is a spinoff from Sex and the City. It is about Carrie Bradshaw (Anna Sophia Robb) growing up as a teenager. Carrie is growing up in the 1980’s in suburban Connecticut. She’s a junior in high school, and she recently lost her mother. Her widowed father is learning to take care of Carrie and her especially rebellious sister. Carrie has her three best friends at school, and of course the a love interest in the form of Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler). Also, once a week, Carrie goes into Manhattan to intern at a law firm. She dreams of living in NYC. The first day of her internship she bumped into a woman who admired her handbag and is part of the fashion world, so Carrie sneaks off from her job to experience the exciting world of fashion. So far, the show is about Carrie and how she is balancing it all.

Let me preface this whole thing with the fact that I haven’t ever seen the actual tv show Sex and the City, I only saw one of the movies. It’s all a bit before my time.

I think Anna Sophia Robb does a great job. And I love her hair. It’s amazing. The curls!

Also, if there’s any reason to be watching this show, it’s Austin Butler. He is hot! Like, so hot. SA-WOON!

Also, the show is just really addicting. I just want Carrie to have it all, and she just can’t balance it. But still her life is amazing!

Go check it out! Season 1 is on Netflix instant!


2 thoughts on “The Carrie Diaries: First Impressions

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