The Carrie Diaries Pt 2

I am normally hesitant to write reviews about tv shows. I prefer to write a review when I’ve watched the whole series. But for The Carrie Diaries, I can’t resist.

I feel such strong feelings when I watch this show. I feel extremely involved and invested in the characters and their lives. So, this is my Season 1 and 4 Episodes of Season 2 Review:

Here’s my original post about the show.

I love this show. I feel like the characters and their situations are extremely relatable. The most unrelatable thing about the show is how accessible alcohol is to 17 year olds… But, other than that, I feel like the show is very real. As a teenager, I can relate to the struggles of high school and love and lack of love and parents, etc. that the characters experience.

As the show has progressed, I have mixed feelings on what I think about Carrie. I love how passionate she is about her love for New York City. Sometimes, though, I wish she was that passionate about Sebastian. I feel like I’ve fallen for Sebastian myself, so I really want Carrie to fall for him, and stay with him. I think in one episode they broke up, got together, and broke up again! Carrie needs to realize when she’s got someone awesome. Sebastian loves and admires her.

I kind of like Dorrit (is that how you spell her name?). She’s very different than Carrie. She has more of that laid back attitude going on that Sebastian has. I like that. Now, a senior having a relationship with an 8th grader, that’s questionable… But, I’ll just look past that…

I really admire this show for having involved parents. I think I mentioned this in my last post. Carrie and Dorrit’s dad tries to be involved and discipline his children. It definitely makes the show more realistic.

I just love how this show evokes so much emotion from me. It’s weird. I’ve never experienced it before. I am so upset when Carrie breaks up with Sebastian for some stupid reason. I feel disappointed in Maggie when she goes back to that police officer guy. I feel sadness when I watch Walt struggle with being gay in the unaccepting world of Castlebury. I feel happy for Mouse and West. Then, of course, there’s Sebastian, who I swear I’m in love with! And I feel all of these feelings in other tv shows, just not quite as strongly.

Just go watch the show…

P.S. Though based on other reviews, if you’re a big fan of SATC, you might be a bit more critical about this show than I am (comparing it and what not).


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