The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Finale

I love this show so much and I hope that it doesn’t get cancelled.

The promise for the show is that is a prequel to Sex and the City, following a young Carrie Bradshaw in high school and as a young adult.

I know that there’s some criticism that the prequel doesn’t line up with SJP’s Sex and the City, but I’ve also heard that it does line up with the book series. I personally have not read or seen either. So, I tend to take the show for what it is. Standing alone, I think the show is quite good.


There were plenty of ups and downs this season. I was happy that Carrie and Sebastian had a more stable relationship this season. I really like them together. Sadly, in the last episode, it looked like they they were parting ways. If the show is renewed, I really hope he stays on it and that they stay together.

The last episode left it so that if the show get cancelled storyline are mostly wrapped up. If it’s renewed, I’m just not sure where it will go. While I enjoyed the last episode, I was sad that Dorrit and Sebastian played such small roles.



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