Endless Love

It was a lot better than I expected.

Jade has lived a sheltered life ever since her brother died. David has a crush on Jade, and they both just graduated high school. Jade and David start talking while David is working as a valet at the country club she belongs to. They fall in love, but Jade’s Dad takes a look into David’s past which jeopardizes their relationship.

The movie sounds super clichéd and corny, and I was reluctant to go see it. While, it was kind of predictable and nothing too original, I did end up enjoying the movie. At some points I even got a little teary eyed. The movie makes me wish it were summer.

Also, Alex Pettyfer, who plays David, is super hot, and Gabriella Wilde, who plays Jade, is absolutely gorgeous.

My favorite part if the movie was the soundtrack, though. It had the perfect summer songs, and an awesome remix of NONONO’s song, Pumpin Blood.

If you’re in the mood for a chick flick check it out, and if anything, check out the soundtrack!


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