In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien

I loved it at first…

This book is a mystery about a man who recently lost a political election, so he and his wife take some time to go to a secluded cabin. Then, she disappears. The question is, what happened to her? Did she leave because the marriage was falling apart? Did he kill her? Or, were they in on it together and they both eventually escaped to Canada?

The first forty pages of the novel were really good. I was really fascinated, as O’Brien laid out the facts/backgrounds of the characters. The novel is told from the objective point of view of the detective, so it provides hypotheses of what could have happened throughout the novel.

Sadly, the rest of the book was very slow and tedious. Is it the husband or not?

It’s not really worth reading, in my opinion.





The worst part of the novel is that it never gives an answer. After reading all 300-400 pages, you don’t know what happened to the wife. GRRRRR.


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