5. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

A good and different perspective on the world.

This novel is from the perspective of a dog named Enzo. His master is Denny who is a semi-professional car racer. Enzo loves Denny and is along for the ride of Denny’s many milestones and adventures as Denny is a driver, husband, and father.

I love the idea of this novel. The perspective of a dog provides a different way of looking at the world. There is a deep dedication and love for his master and family. There is numerous intelligence and great yearning for an opposable thumb.

Enzo is very lovable, and you end up always rooting for Denny.

It’s worth a read if you love animals. Also, if you are a race car enthusiast, there are plenty of metaphors that relate to life.

I’d say it’s worth it.

(Update on the 12 Books, 1 Year thing. Yeah, I know I’m behind. But I’m reading a lot more and trying to catch up!)


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