Orange Is The New Black: First Impressions

Well, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

The tv show follows Piper Chapman, an upper middle-class woman, who is incarcerated for a crime she committed ten years ago. The show explores different women Piper encounters in prison and their backstories.

I love how unique this show is. The setting is so different and fascinating. I also love shows that have characters with backstories that are revealed slowly throughout the show. It is also interesting to take a character like Piper who seems so “normal” in her day to day life and put her in the setting of a prison. Also, while watching the show, I’ve come to realize how similar prison is to high school. There are the cliques and rumors and gossip in both places.

I had been looking for a Netflix show to get hooked on, and I chose wisely. It’s always fascinating to find out what will happen next during Piper’s incarceration. Sometimes the focus is on the corrupt administration/guards. Other times the focus is on the tug of war between Piper’s outside life and her life in prison.

I would say it’s a must-watch.


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