A good and funny movie!

Recently divorced mom Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and widowed dad Jim (Adam Sandler) let their friends push them into a blind date, which goes disastrously wrong. Unsurprisingly, neither wants to see the other ever again. However, fate intervenes when both Jim and Lauren, unbeknown to each other, purchase one-half of the same vacation package at a South African resort; they and their children are forced to share the same suite and participate in a slew of family activities together.

In general, I’m never quite sure if Adam Sandler movies will turn out well. This one was really funny. It had some definite laugh out loud moments. Some parts of the movie are ridiculous, but they’re so ridiculous that they end up being funny. The music effects make it hysterical, and it’s a sweet romantic comedy. I think Drew Barrymore played the part well, and the little girl is adorable! If you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy, I’d suggest this one!


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