1989 – Taylor Swift

This is not an album review because I have not bought the whole album. This is just a my-opinions-on-Taylor-Swift’s-new-direction post.

Okay, I love Taylor Swift’s first album, her self-titled one. I like the little bit of country charm she possesses in that album. I also like her second album. I wouldn’t even consider Fearless to be country, but it’s not Top 40 pop either. Taylor sort of created her own genre; she was doing her own thing.

When I hear Red for the first time I was even a bit sad because it was clear she was moving in a pop direction. I wasn’t a fan of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” I’m sorry…

So, I wasn’t too terribly surprised to hear that 1989 was pure pop. At least she stopped branding it as country. When I heard “Shake It Off,” I was sad. I can’t really say disappointed because who am I to tell her what direction to go in? It’s her career; she can choose!

Now, I’ll admit “Shake It Off” is pretty catchy, until you get to the “rapping” part. It’s so sickly pop that it’s so irresistibly catch. So, I’m not going to sit here and completely hate on it because sometimes I like to listen to it. Honestly, if it was another artist, I’m not sure I’d have any problem loving it. My only sadness is that I feel like she’s loosing some of the originality that she brought to her earlier albums. She’s beginning to sound more generic…

But, that’s working for her. She seems to be more popular now than ever. She’s reached the mainstream, and she’s at the top of the charts.

I’ll admit also that I have a soft spot for “Blank Space” and “Style” but especially “Blank Space.” They’re catchy. Music is music. If it makes me happy and I enjoy listening to it, I should listen to it!

To sum it up, I like the music, I just wish it wasn’t Taylor who was making it…



Pure Heroine (Extended) by Lorde

I am so OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorde is so amazing! When I first heard Royals on the radio, I was like, eh. For some reason I decided to check more of her music out, and now I love her so much!

Her lyrics are amazing. If I were there kind of person to use the word “sick”, I would definitely say that there are some sick beats on this album. Also, I love the echoing. While she uses it in a lot/most of the songs, there’s still a lot of variation.

Tennis Court – This is the third song that I fell in love with off of her album. I love the “yeah’s”. They’re so cool! “Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane, I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space”

400 Lux – This is a nice slow song with a heavy bass.

Royals – Of course there’s this song. And it’s not that I disliked the song at first, it’s more that I just kind of wrote it off. It’s good, but not my favorite on the album.

Ribs – this one is the second favorite song that I fell in love with. And do you know how I discovered it? Through iTunes’ free singles of the week ( sometimes they’re but sometimes they’re worth it!). I really like the soft steady brat in the background.

Buzzcut Season – This is my FAVORITE song off the album. I love the words. I love the soft background music. I love the echoing. It’s amazing! And I love the message.

Team – This is the first Lorde song I fell in love with. I love how she says “send the call out” but it sounds like “the call out send”. And I love how she says “I’m kinda over being told to throw my hands up in the air”.

Glory and Gore – Another favorite. The echoing in her songs is awesome. “We mean it, but I promise we’re not mean”. Her lyrics are awesome.

Still Sane – The vocals are extra prominent in this song. Really pretty.

White Teeth Teens – There’s a cool thumping beat on this song. It has an echoey beat. And she definitely reaches some high points on this one.

 A World Alone – I like the “oohing”. And the sort of vibrating/humming sound in the background.


No Better – I love how she smooshes so many words into the verses. It’s kinda different from her other songs.

Bravado – There are some definite background vocals on this one, and a deep bass. It makes me feel almost like I could be in a high-ceilinged church.

Million Dollar Bills – The echoing is especially cool in this song, and then all of a sudden an awesome beat is dropped. And sounds like an awesome dance song that would be played at a hipster club.

The Love Club – I’m not sure how to even describe this song. I guess if Lorde made cutesy songs, this is kind of what it would sound like?

Biting Down – I’m not quite sure what I think of this song. The beginning is kind of strange. Well, actually the whole thing is sort of strange.

Swingin Party – I’m not quite sure what to think of this one yet, but the vocals are definitely the prominent feature again on this track (even more so), and I kinda like it.

States by The Paper Kites

This album is so amazing and ethereal! I’m obsessed!

Malleable Beings – This song/album starts out slowly, gently, building. The voices and instruments are so soft and delicate and perfect.

St. Clarity – This is my favorite song off their album. It’s filled with hope and loveliness. It’s a quiet hope, but it feels like you are swelling with hope, making you buoyant, and causing you to float up into the sky. Maybe it’s the bubbles from the video?

Living Colour – The female vocals are strong in this song. I feel like this one has an understated sense of power to it.

Gates – This song is especially slow, and it has a bit of a somber tone to it.

Young – This song is a bit faster paced. It has the feeling of passing time.

A Lesson From Mr. Gray – This is probably the most different and my least favorite song on the album. Maybe it’s the instrumentals at the beginning of the song. I’ve been warming up to it, slowly, though.

Tin Lover – This one is my second favorite song on the album, it’s very slow but wonderful. It sounds a bit sad, but it feels like being wrapped in a blanket in a cold room while the snow falls outside, a candle lit on the table.

Cold Kind Hand – This is another with strong female vocals. I like it. The beat in the background is nice and steady.

Never Heard A Sound – This song is very gentle and comforting. I like the ooohhing in it; it’s soothing.

In Reverie – This song is faster paced with female vocals. It’s such a pretty song.

Tenenbaum – This song is also very gentle. And it reminds me of winter and sweaters. I love it!

Portrait 19 – This song is very soft and slow. It sounds like dawn, as the sun rises in the cool winter morning.

I Done You So Wrong – This is a long song that is very gentle.

I can’t express how much I love this album, and this band! It and they are absolutely amazing!!!!! I was surprised that I would like this album so much since I don’t normally like slow songs, but I can’t not like this album! I’ve done reviews on their two EPs that are very different from this album (but equally amazing). [Woodland and Young North]

Young North (EP) by The Paper Kites

This album is AMAZING!!!!! I love The Paper Kites so much!

A Maker of My Time This is such a soft and beautiful song. It’s sad, but very beautiful. The song has a sense of moving  forward.

Leopold Street- This song sounds more upbeat, even though the words are kind of sad. It’s a nostalgic song. It’s another song of movement. It’s like walking down the happy street of memory lane.

When Our Legs Grew Tall– It’s about being a grown up and reflecting on having the perspective of a child. I think the title is so clever. This song is upbeat.

Paint– This is my favorite song off this album!! It’s so soft and beautiful and wonderful. This song is very sad, but wonderful. It sounds like a rainy day song.

Kiss the Grass– This is a sweet song. It’s very slow, but it’s beautiful. It’s sweet.

This album is sad, but it sounds so beautiful. I also did an album review of their EP, Woodland, so go check it out!

I Am Obsessed With This Mashup

Oh my god! This mashup is absolutely amazing!!!!

It’s by The White Panda. It’s a combination of Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding, Fuckin’ Problems by A$AP Rocky ft Kendrick Lamar, Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ho Hey by the Lumineers.

It’s just an ingenious combination.

P.S. I found this song thanks to BeyondBeautyStar’s awesome lookbook video! Check it out HERE!

Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

I am loving this band so much!!!!!

  1. Radioactive– I know this song has been pretty popular lately, but I’m actually not that wild about it. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite. I think there’s just to much voice distortion.
  2. Tiptoe– This song is awesome! It’s a high energy song, and just good all around.
  3. It’s Time– This is my absolute favorite song on this album!!!! It’s just got the best energy and sound and everything!
  4. Demons– This song is awesome, too, especially the beginning. It’s got this whole building up thing going on.
  5. On Top of the World– This is a very happy song. It kind of reminds me of being in a rainforest a little bit (not that I’ve been in a rainforest), or maybe some tropical island.
  6. Amsterdam- I really like this one, too. The music in it is awesome!
  7. Hear Me– This one’s alright; it’s not a favorite. But it’s still pretty good.
  8. Every Night– Ooh, this one’s really good. It’s slower than the other songs, but still really good.
  9. Bleeding Out– I love this song! I like the clapping or stomping or whatever it is in the background.
  10. Underdog– Another tropical island song… I really like the electronic sound of it!
  11. Nothing Left to Say/Rocks– This one is awesome. It has the building sound to it.
  12. Working Man– This is an awesome song. It’s upbeat. The background vocals are good!
  13. Fallen– I say this for pretty much all of them, but aaah, this one’s so good too. It feels like moving forward
  14. My Fault– Another excellent song. It’s definitely good.
  15. Round and Round– Another great one. It has a very hollow sound to it, which is cool.
  16. The River– I love this one!! It’s very soothing sounding.
  17. America– This one’s awesome too!
  18. Selene– Yet another winner! I really like the steady beat in some parts of the song.

Okay, as you can tell, I really love this album. There are just so many amazing songs!!!!! I can’t express my love for it enough…

Taylor Swift’s Self-Titled Album

This is hands down my favorite Taylor Swift album. I like country Taylor!

  1. Tim McGraw– This is such a summer song! It’s also a sweet little love song! So good…
  2. Picture to Burn– This is a country song! There’s quite a lot of attitude in this song, and it’s awesome!
  3. Teardrops on My Guitar– This song is so sad, and so relatable.
  4. A Place In This World– This is another sad song. It’s about finding where you belong.
  5. Cold As You- This one is slower. It’s also sad.
  6. The Outside– I love this song! Yet again, quite relatable. But also again, sad… Upbeat sounding, though
  7. Tied Together With a Smile– This one’s slower and sad…
  8. Stay Beautiful– Okay, this one isn’t so sad! Very sweet actually
  9. Should’ve Said No– An awesome song!! She uses “thang”. Haha!
  10. Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)– I absolutely love this one!! It’s apparently about her neighbors, and it’s their love story in a song! It’s so sweet and wonderful and fantastic!
  11. Our Song– This is probably my favorite song off the album. It’s got a nice twang to it. Another good summery song.
  12. I’m Only Me When I’m With You– This is definitely a dance-around-your-room song. Also, another summer song. Nice and upbeat!
  13. Invisible– Okay, this one is sad too…
  14. A Perfectly Good Heart– …and so is this one

While there are a ton of sad songs, they’re all relatable sad songs. Country Taylor is the best!! It’s such a summery album. It’s awesome! You have to check it out!!!!!!!

The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I’m really not that into rap, but I’ve been LOVING The Heist!

I at first had kind of blown off Macklemore after hearing Thrift Shop twenty billion times, but for some reason I tried them out, and I love it.

  1. Ten Thousand Hours– This song is okay. It’s not my favorite, but I love the ending because it opens up the album so nicely.
  2. Can’t Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton– This one is awesome! It’s at the top of the charts for a reason. Awesome energy. Makes me want to dance:)
  3. Thrift Shop ft. Wanz- I have warmed to this song. It’s definitely not my favorite, but  it’s not bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard it so many times.
  4. Thin Line ft. Buffalo Madonna– I really love this song!! It might be my favorites??! Such a good vibe!
  5. Same Love ft. Mary Lambert– This is actually one of the initial songs that really made me want to listen to more of their music. The message is just so great.
  6. Make the Money– Well, there are those sirens again…damn, I really like them for some reason. But, this song is really good aside from that.
  7. Neon Cathedral ft. Allen Stone- This one has a sort of smooth sound to it.
  8. BomBom ft. The Teaching– This one is totally instrumental (which I’m not normally into it), and I love it! The music really tells a story.
  9. White Walls ft. ScHoolboy Q and Hollis– This one’s pretty good to! A lot of variety of sounds.
  10. Jimmy lovine ft Ab-Soul– Maybe I’m really weird, but I love the sirens. Haha! This song is awesome! There’s so much energy!
  11. Wing$– I really like the story of this song. And, I love the chorus in the background.
  12. A Wake ft. Evan Roman– I don’t listen to this one that much, but it’s actually pretty good…I guess I should listen to it more. The rap parts are good, but the singing is so-so.
  13. Gold ft. Eighty4 Fly– This is another really good one. It’s got a moving forward feeling to it.
  14. Starting Over ft. Ben Bridwell– This song is very open, which is nice. Another good story song.
  15. Cowboy Boots– Not my favorite, but it’s definitely unique. There’s a bit of country mixed in which is kinda weird, yet it actually works out…
  16. Castle– This song is crazy and weird, yet awesome and upbeat.
  17. My Oh My– I really like this one. It’s slower paced than some of the other songs. It’s kind of a story song. And I love the backup/background of the song.
  18. Victory Lap– I love this song! The vibe is really good.

This album just has so much variety that it’s impossible to get bored! Definitely check them out!!

Hunter Hayes’ Self-Titled Album

I love Hunter Hayes so much! I first discovered him through Taylor Swift, at her Speak Now concert. I must admit, his looks distracted me a bit from his music. Haha! But, then, I went home, and I got his album; I fell in love!! (Also, if you want to know my favorite lyrics from this album, visit lifeiseveryday)

Storm Warning– This is one of the big singles off the album. I must admit that it’s quite catchy, though it’s not my favorite. It feels very summery. It’s a song that gets you moving

Wanted– Another big single off of this album. This song is just so sweet! I don’t tend to like slow songs, but I love this one! It makes ma SA-WOON (do you get the reference?)!

If You Told Me To– This is a good song with the perfect balance of soft, yet still fast. Another sweet song<3 Lovely vocals on this one.

Love Makes Me– This one is awesome! It’s fast paced and feel good. The rhyming flows really well. It’s a very good summer song!

Faith to Fall Back On– This song is my FAVORITE! It’s so heartwarming and sweet. It’s a good summer song. It’s a chill, driving-along-the-highway-with-the-windows-down song. Ahhhh! I just love it soooo much!!

Somebody’s Heartbreak– This one is slower. It’s kind of like the lazy days of summer. Another sweet one!

Rainy Season– This is another slow song. It’s very calming. It’s so sad and sweet at the same time.

Cry With You– This is another sort of slow song. It’s a comforting song.

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me– Very relatable. And quite upbeat.

What You Gonna Do– This song is super relaxed feeling. It soothes me. I really like this one.

More Than I Should– Yuck. This is my least favorite song on the whole album. Too country. Something about it just does not appeal to me. AT ALL.

All You Ever– This is another slow one. This one is sad and sweet because it’s admitting to his mistakes in the relationship.

This album has a bunch of slow songs, which I didn’t even realize. I don’t normally like slow songs, but I LOVE this album. Pretty much the whole album makes me SA-WOON (swoon, in case you didn’t read the book). All of the songs are just so sweet, and they come from the heart. Sighhhhh…

Hoodie Allen

I’ve been loving Hoodie Allen! He is what I would consider a “pop” rapper. It’s definitely not hardcore rap. It’s more like happy rap. His songs are all so catchy and upbeat. They sound like summer to me. So, I’m going to discuss some of my favorite songs by him.

  • Eighteen Cool-All American: It’s a pretty simple song, but it has a sort of screw you attitude (but not in a mean way). It’s basically saying, I’ve moved on and made it big despite all the haters from the past.
  • Fame is For Assholes (ft Chiddy)-Crew Cuts: This song is super catchy! It makes me want to dance around my room.
  • Where Do We Go Now-Crew Cuts: This song is a bit slower and more relaxed. But it’s still awesome. It’s very soothing, and it kind of expresses a feeling that I know I’ll be experiencing soon.
  • Song For An Actress-Leap Year: This one is just good. This one has more rap than singing compared to a lot of his other songs.
  • Swimming With Sharks-Pep Rally: I just absolutely love this song. I love the combo of rap and singing in this song. It just works.
  • January Jones-Pep Rally: I think the female backup singing really transforms this song and makes it a bit different. Also, this one has a lot of singing–less rap.

These ones are probably my absolute favorite, but I just love him in general. Especially the Crew Cuts album!

I originally got hooked on Hoodie Allen from watching one of Caspar Lee’s (dicasp) videos on YouTube (check him out!).