Gilmore Girls (I Finished)


So if you don’t know, Gilmore Girls is about a mother and daughter who live in the small town of Stars Hollow in New Hampshire. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a super fascinating show, but don’t judge it yet. The show stars Lauren Graham as the mother, Lorelei and Alexis Bledel as the daughter, Rory. the dialogue is fast and witty. You fall in love with the characters. The show begins when Rory is in high school and finishes when she graduates college.

Wayyy back in December 2014, I wrote a post about my first impressions of the show. Here it is, if you want to check it out! Yeah, it took me way to long to finish this series. The thing is, I finished the first six seasons by about January. It took me until June to finish the seventh season. The seventh season kind of lost me, and it was a struggle to finish it. But I couldn’t get as far as season 6 and drop the show, so I powered through. I think part of the reason the show wasn’t as engaging to watch the last season was because there was a different writer for that season. Another part of the reason why it took me so long to get through it is because I actually had a life last semester. Whattt?? Haha!

If you are not reading any further because of spoilers and you haven’t seen the show, I 100% recommend it. You will not regret it. It’s on Netflix! All seven seasons! Go! Now!


I absolutely love the show. I love Lorelei and Rory. They are amazing. I love how the show was able to transition and continue on once Rory started college because so many shows end when the character finishes high school. I am 100% Team Jess. I loved him from the start, and I loved him whenever he made small reappearances. I just wish he hadn’t totally blown it with Rory. Up and leaving without saying a word… It took me a very long time to accept that Rory was dating Logan. I didn’t like him from the beginning. And by the time I had come to terms with their relationship, he went and messed it up again. And Dean isn’t even in the running. I mean, the car gesture was nice and everything, but that’s about where it ends. I’m not really sure what went on with the whole Lane getting married and becoming pregnant with twins thing. I wasn’t exactly a fan of that. Lorelei and Chris. Arrrrrghhh! That never should have happened. What a mess! Luke and Lorelei forever! Everyone is so lovable, and it is such an amazing show. I’m sad to see it end. I wish I had loved the last season as much as the others.

I love this so much that I sat and watched the entire reunion video that recently happened. If you’re interested in watching this, you can find it here. It’s wonderful!


Gilmore Girls: First Impressions (sort of)

I love this show so much!!!!!!!!!

This is a tv series (that’s on Netflix) about a mother (Lauren Graham) and daughter (Alexis Bledel) with a close relationship who live in┬áthe small town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut. It’s a bit difficult to sum up, since it’s pretty much just them living their lives in the small town.

This show is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t sound like much, but it so is. The writing is absolutely wonderful! It’s so quick and witty! Once you get to know the characters, you fall in love with them and their lives. Melissa McCarthy is on the show. This is where she got her start! (I think…at least it was before she was big)

Currently I have just started season 5, so I’m not quite at the first impressions stage…

Let me just say this, watch the show. Please give it a chance. It’s wonderful.



Okay, first of all Jess… I love him. Even though he’s messed up so much, I love him. I wish he could just do it right and be with Rory… He had to go and mess everything up by being uncommunicative! Grr! So frustrating.

Also, don’t shoot me or anything, but I’m not that big of a fan of Dean. I feel like he’s a really flat character. He’s just the boy next door, the perfect boyfriend. He doesn’t seem to really have any interests or anything interesting to say. Nor does he seem to share common interests with Rory! He’s fine. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s just meh. And that is not good enough for Rory!

Luke and Lorelei!!! Ah! Finally. It’s so cute! They’re perfect together!! I hope it doesn’t get messed up as it always seems to on tv shows.

I’m just tearing through episodes, which scares me. I don’t want it to end, but I want to find out what happens!