1989 – Taylor Swift

This is not an album review because I have not bought the whole album. This is just a my-opinions-on-Taylor-Swift’s-new-direction post.

Okay, I love Taylor Swift’s first album, her self-titled one. I like the little bit of country charm she possesses in that album. I also like her second album. I wouldn’t even consider Fearless to be country, but it’s not Top 40 pop either. Taylor sort of created her own genre; she was doing her own thing.

When I hear Red for the first time I was even a bit sad because it was clear she was moving in a pop direction. I wasn’t a fan of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” I’m sorry…

So, I wasn’t too terribly surprised to hear that 1989 was pure pop. At least she stopped branding it as country. When I heard “Shake It Off,” I was sad. I can’t really say disappointed because who am I to tell her what direction to go in? It’s her career; she can choose!

Now, I’ll admit “Shake It Off” is pretty catchy, until you get to the “rapping” part. It’s so sickly pop that it’s so irresistibly catch. So, I’m not going to sit here and completely hate on it because sometimes I like to listen to it. Honestly, if it was another artist, I’m not sure I’d have any problem loving it. My only sadness is that I feel like she’s loosing some of the originality that she brought to her earlier albums. She’s beginning to sound more generic…

But, that’s working for her. She seems to be more popular now than ever. She’s reached the mainstream, and she’s at the top of the charts.

I’ll admit also that I have a soft spot for “Blank Space” and “Style” but especially “Blank Space.” They’re catchy. Music is music. If it makes me happy and I enjoy listening to it, I should listen to it!

To sum it up, I like the music, I just wish it wasn’t Taylor who was making it…